If you develop apps that use the Google Reader API, you're welcome to try out Reedah.

You should only need to do two things. First, replace Google's host names with Reedah's. Specifically:

  • Change to
  • Change to
  • Change to
Second, if your app uses OAuth, you'll need a client_id and client_secret. They can be the same as the values you use with Google if you'd like. Just contact us, because we currently need to set this up manually.


We'd like to support you in any way we reasonably can. Email with any questions or feedback. In particular, if your app is not working with Reedah, it is probably because we haven't implemented one of the Google Reader API calls either fully or at all. Please let us know!

We've stuck closely to the Google Reader API, so most of that documentation remains useful. In time, we aim to produce our own documentation to make clear what we have or have not implemented.


We love community apps. If you've previously developed a free Google Reader app, thank you!

However, we'd also like to support commercial developers, which is something Google did not seem to do very well. For example, we've already extended the 'user-info' API call to return client-specific data, which could be used to verify a 'subscription' status for your app.

We don't have any preconceived ideas about monetization. We sincerely hope that most users can enjoy Reedah at no cost on an ongoing basis. But we'd also like to make it possible for those who want a premium experience to pay you (the developer) for it, and we also need to be pragmatic about how we'll cover the cost of providing this service.

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